To the beach at Monterrico, Pacific Coast, Guatemala

Hotel Atelie del Mar at the Pacific Coast of Guatemala

You find Hotel Atelie del Mar in Monte Rico on the Pacific Coast.
The hotel is located only about 30 meters / 90 feet from the beach
and we do have direct access to the beach.


How to find us
To come down to Monte Rico we recommend that you take “the autopista” to Puerto Quetzal, look for the road sign to Iztapa where there´s a bridge. From the bridge you drive 25 kilometers and at the end of the road you enter at the main street of Monte Rico, turn directly right and take the main street to the end, and there take the last sandy street to the right, go on for about four blocks where you´ll find our hotel also on the right side of the street. Another possibility is to take the road to Taxisco, Avellana but then you will need a “ferry” for the last part (with car 30 minutes on the ferry plus maybe waiting time). Reaching Monterrico just follow the instructions above.

16 rooms with a/c and TV

16 rooms of different size, all with air conditioning, TV and private bath.
We have rooms with one double bed or two double beds,
with one double and two single beds and a large room
with two double beds and three single beds.

Restaurant & Bar
In our Restaurant & Bar, you´ll find a great variety of International and
Guatemalan meals as well as fast food like sandwiches,
hamburgers and nachos. We try to give our guests the best attention and service possible.
Open from 8 AM to 9 PM (Saturdays, holidays until 10 PM).

Two pools
2 Pools, in the small one close to the restaurant you can sit down and have a nice, cold
beer or drink, and even eat. In the large pool, you can really swim, but also just be, play and have fun. Around the pool you´ll find comfortable sun chairs.

A big, colorful garden
A big, colorful garden with a lot of different plants, flowers and fruit trees with different areas of hammocks where you just can rest or read a book in the
shadow of the palm trees.

Close to the beach

The hotel is not situated at the beachfront, but has direct access to the beach.

We have a generator that guarantee that you´ll have light, running water (not hot water, most guests like just to have a refreshing shower with the hot climate in Monte Rico) and an air conditioning that is working.

Art Gallery

If you like art, you just have to visit our Art Gallery.

Parking inside the hotel area.

Internet WiFi

We offer you free WiFi, which also is working in your room.

Credit cards

We accept most credit cards for your consumption at the hotel.

Tours and Shuttles

If you need help with arranging tours, your shuttle or private transport to or from Monterrico, we´ll be glad to help you find the best solution.


We at Hotel Atelie del Mar do our best to offer you a quality stay with the best attention and service possible to every one of you, your family and/or your friends.

Once more, a warm welcome to Monte Rico at the Pacific Coast.

Stig Bjorkas y Violeta Marroquín de Bjorkas